Mastering Service

We believe that our mastering services are the best around, but we know that experience and creativity are also essential when working on music.

Our chief engineer has been playing, engineering, producing, and mastering audio for over 15 years.
His attention to detail and passion for sound in every form is clear in every project he is/was into.

Even online our clients are never left alone and followed and helped in every step of their projects

Music Equipment

FurtherSounds Digital Music Studio offers also a professional Mastering service for all your projects

Our experience allows us to range from Vinyls to Digital files, with amazing results!
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Files requirements:

  • 48.000 KHz min. sampling rate

  • 24 Bit depth min.

  • Separate stems 

    (Please note that ONLY FOR MASTERING macro-grouped stems are accepted such as Melodies, Voices, Percussions... and so on)

Music Recording