Tutoring & Feedbacks

FurtherSounds Digital Music Studio main service is based on providing professional feedback, advice resources and references to help every musician and producer at any stage of their career.

After collecting years and years of knowledge starting from audio physics to technical and practical experiences with all major brands and providers of Microphones, Mixing Desks, Audio Software, Mixing and Processing foundation and techniques we are proud to say that we can prepare you for every challenge!

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No minimum level is required to access or request the Feedback service, but a quick interview from one of our Engineers will be necessary to best adapt the suggestions for your needs.

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At Furthersounds we offer professional Music Feedback and Music Career Advice for artists striving to improve their work.

Feedback is an essential parts to develop in any area of knowledge. Take a look at David Guetta, maybe one of the world’s most famous producers. Do you think he relied on advice only from his family and friends? In order to become the best, he looked for the greatest coaches and experts, to give him the best advice and feedback so he could keep on improving.

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In our facilities and with our Engineers you will always get the best and most professional advice.
Whatever stage your track is at, we will help you understand how you can make it better.

Depending on your objectives with the track, we will provide you the feedback you really need.